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Two short New Woman stories: In Saturday NIght at the Opera, Larry discovers womanhood through a magic ring while his wife wonders if he will make the transition just one too many times. In The Renegade, a time traveler discovers if he changes the past he can change his own present. It turns out that this embroils him in a dangerous and life changing game.

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    Peggy just looked at him quizzically. To Larry's amazement, the ring actually slid onto his selected finger. In his mind, he tried to picture the soap opera star, Victoria Majors. He braced himself; the first effect was not slow in coming. His stomach felt like he was in free fall, and every inch of his being ws in motion. He glanced downwards, as his chest shrank in girth and his breasts grew in size. At the same time, his waistline almost seemed to flow downwards into his growing hips...