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He was to inherit 900 million dollars if he followed the conditions of his father's will. But, who was it that plotted to put him into skirts and make him work and live as a woman? His lawyers? His Aunt and Uncle? His girlfriend, Sueann? And what was causing him to become female?

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    "He's not taking any hormones," Sueann protested firmly, interrupting Betty's story. "In fact Jamie doesn't even like to use aspirin."

    Better thought for a minute and snapped her fingers. "Of course, that's got to be it! He's working at the Franklin Pharmaceutical Company isn't he?"

    "You know he is. What about it?" Sueann asked.

    "What do they make there, in fact, what is their only product" Better countered smugly.

    "Everyone knows that, they make birth control..." Sueann blanched and ran to the bathroom.

    A few seconds later she had returned and was frantically ripping apart an empty package of Franklin birth control pills. She quickly scanned the product warning sheet that accompanies all prescription medications.

    "...contains estrogen and progesterone.' My God, he's being exposed to the hormones at work! They're probably being absorbed through his skin! No wonder there's only women working were you are Jamie. Men couldn't work in the mixing room, otherwise they'd end up..."