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Mags Inc Novelette Cover

In part 1 (M-502), Charles, soon to be Charlotte, who has a secret panty fetish, is introduced and softly forced by his wife into crossdressing at home, with the aid of a drug and deep hypnosis. He is now wearing lingerie and then other female clothing that had been gifted to his wife by her rich Aunt, but but was actually his size. Pandering to the rich Aunt, hoping for favors, he had created a situation where his wife had been able to put him into that female clothing.

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    And so my wife, after giving Maria permission in front of her aunt to continue with my feminization... for the day or so I was supposed to have been there... she gave me a kiss and bid me goodbye and whispered to me, "Enjoy the time in your feminine finery. I know you will. And you can become as girly as you like dear... but just remember that I still expect one manly duty from you. And you know what that is." And her hand without notice patted my crotch.

    And I just kept telling myself it will only be a day... it will only be a day... you can take it. Little did I know how long it would be and what I would have to take and where it would take me.