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Charlie, now Charlotte, after been crossdressed in lingerie by his wife, is now trapped in women's clothing and trained as her aunt's crossdressed sissy maid. His wife who works full time, finds she enjoys having her husband transformed and sissified, both in their relationship and their bed.

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    And it was strange but I was finding that after a while, I was enjoying wearing that clothing. I was eventually provided with a few sets; with each new short and blouse set of a more and more feminine style. I found that I liked the stretchiness and give of the materials or the softness of the materials. It was strange that the blouse buttoned on the wrong side and them the next one had short puffed sleeves and no collar and the next was a pullover with a flared waist and a tie around the chest; and the pants zipper for the first pair was on the bront, for the second on the side, which was strange, and for the third the zipper was on the rear of the pants, which was even stranger. but I got used to that... after a while. 

    The wife took it on herself to just pack away much of my pants and shirts so as I would not wear them out. And so that was that.

    And the wife would compliment me on how nice the clothes looked on my and how they weren't "that" girlish... how my flexibility was saving us money. and I found that her complements mad me feel nice.