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Powerful men need distractions. They need something that lets them forget their responsibilities and just unwind. Some go on lavish vacations to get away from it all. Others develop hobbies. Some... some find other ways to escape their burdens. Christopher Jordan was such a man. His distraction? Having a Mistress, but his latest one was not only the most interesting, but also the most dominating!

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    “If I was being truthful, I guess I would need to admit that the last few minutes have probably been more exciting than anything I’ve done in months... as strange as that may sound.” He paused.

    “Maybe, this is worth continuing?”

    A moment later, he stood up and stripped naked. He pulled the panties back up his legs. Again, he felt incredibly excited, not only by the panties and the naughty feelings they gave him, but by the memory of the emasculating look on Heidi’s face; that really turned him on, seeing her smirk in his mind and hearing her mocking him, though he tried to blank that out of his memory and just focus on the panties.