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Dana's love of his beautiful dresses and his new found friend, Jo, deepens as he has more experiences in an identity of the young fashionable woman that has been forced upon him by his stepmother, Nicole. But what's it going to be, living as a woman or as a sissy?

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    At night, lying between satin sheets in my soft nylon gown, I would hug a lacy perfumed pillow to my breast and envision ways to please my lover. Before drifting off, I would find myself speculating if she would like me in a particular dress or hairstyle as I planned my ensemble for the following day. Imagine a boy having such thoughts even though I hadn't been much of a boy these past seven months. Still, given my strange circumstance and my limited contact with girls my own age while being forced to dress and act like one myself, there is small wonder that I fell in love with Jo.

    Spending time with Jo, shopping, exchanging gifts, and attending the many parties mother, Lady Smythe, and Ms. Mason gave for Merle, Judith, and me, the holiday season passed all too quickly.