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The beginning of another of Mr. Swyft's multi-layered stories. At its base it is about the domination and sissification of David, a sales person who meets a potential client for his software, Genevieve Stone. As she begins the slow seduction of him we also learn about her coming to understand her ability to control a certain type of man, like David, but also like her ex-husband. It's an engaging read.

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    There was something about last night, being naked and on my knees in front of her. It was like I wanted to please her. For some odd reason it made me excited. It wasn't just seeing those great legs, , or glimpsing her panties. Though that was very erotic. Somehow I felt like a kid peeking up some woman's skirt, the chance of being caught making it more excitable. Like she knew I was looking, that I was being a "bad boy".

    Maybe ti was something else. A secret thrill of some kind. Hard to analyze, really. The way she looked at me with those large eyes, the indefinable, yet sensual expression on her face. It was almost like she was silently conveying to me that there was more. That, as good as it was, it would get better.

    Then I did it. It was so, so exhilarating... yet humbling.

    When I have had a climax like that, I wonder. It's been a long time.