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Four new short stories in an oversized book with 10 illustrations and 96 pages, of wives feminizing their husbands and turning them into submissive maids, for the their own personal pleasure!

In A Maid for Comeuppance, Maid for Me, Maid in Hiding, and Maid to Work, Patricia Michelle tells 4 stories of men transformed, through trickery and perhaps an initial preference for crossdressing, into completely submissive maids.

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    From A Maid for Comeuppance:

    As soon as I left I went to find my housekeeper, Ruth Hamil. Laughing I said, “I think we just found the new maid we’ve been looking for.”

    “With all our special qualification?” She asked.

    “No, but he’ll soon have them. We’re going to teach the little shit in the other room a lesson he, I mean, ‘she’ll’ never forgot. She’s going to get a comeuppance she won’t soon forget,” I chuckled.

    Ruth’s question about, “special qualifications” was an important one. Starting three years ago the boarding house, which had been struggling financially, slowly started to turn around. Until now it was doing really well, and with almost no turn over in our boarders. We haven’t had a boarder leave in almost two years because of a very important reason.

    They’re waited on virtually hand and foot. “Pampered” would also be a good description. And I owe it all to a well trained staff of maids who Ruth supervises with an iron fist. You see all our maids, in reality, are young men. All perfectly disguised and so completely feminized and frankly brow beaten that only a few of my longer term boarders are aware of who they really are., and they take full advantage of the poor things.

    Their downfall, which is my gain, is that each, in their own way, love dressing up in frilly girly things. I fulfill their fantasies while working them to death for almost nothing. Unfortunately, for them, reality is nothing like their fantasies, too bad for them.

    Ruth ensures that they’re kept thoroughly under foot while running a very tight ship.