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This is our first Special Edition book offered on the website! 5 classic stories of forced feminization and maid training by one of your favorite authors by Patricia Michelle, who previously wrote Fluffy the Sissy Maid, Poor Little Priscilla Ann, Cheating Actor Cast as a Maid Permanently and others! These stories are Total Immersion, The Marriage Counselor, The New Junior Maid, Maid to Reform and I Married for Money and Got a Maid. It includes 6 original illustrations created by the author, all for only $12.00!

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    From Maid to Reform

    When my sister tragically died she left me trustee of her considerable estate. The bulk of which was to go to her son. The stipulation was that I make something of the arrogant, lazy, spoiled snot who at twenty two had just been thrown out of his second college for assaulting a girl at a frat party.

    My solution was this, Gary was to be turned into a maid and perform all maid's duties and chores in my household for one year. It would I thought, teach him the value of hard work, would be an excellent lesson in humility, teach him much needed respect for women, and he'd certainly learn discipline. Undoubtedly it would tame his false sense of male superiority and the macho ego he exhibited.

    When I told him what I'd planned he just laughed in my face and said that somehow he'd get his hands on the money.

    He wasn't laughing a couple of days later when he woke up with a jiggling pair of D-cup tits, or when he saw his plucked eyebrows, ridiculously long eyelashes and fully made-up face with pouty , shiny red lips. None of which he could remove as I'd had them dyed on.