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Kurt was just left at the alter, a fake one yes, but worth a lot of money. He had gotten his girlfriend, Angela, to agree to pretend to be his fiance so he can claim his inheritance before the clock runs out at 18. Only Angela has skipped town and as he sees a fortune slipping away, he realizes that her younger brother, Billy, could fill in. It seems like a perfect plan, he disguises him for a short period of time, they both get some much needed cash and then walk away. Nothing is ever perfect!

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    "Look, it's just for a few hours! My folks are flying in today and leaving tomorrow! They can't attend the wedding; The just want to meet Angela! Then, after they leave, we'll fake the wedding pictures, just like your sister and I planned. I could even get somebody else to stand in for the wedding photographs; ith the veil hiding her face, not one would know the difference, as all you have to do is help me out this afternoon! A few hours dressed like your sister! Is that too much to ask?"


    "I'll pay you!" he said. "Fifty thousand dollars ten times the offer I made to your sister! Fifty thousand in cash for a little masquerade! Ho on e will ever know, except for ou and me, and you'll walk away from it fifty thousand dollars richer.