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This is the beginning of a dark and sexy mystery, as only Max Swift can craft. It began long ago when the boy, now known as Laila, first encountered the woman who transformed him. Now she has returned to the place where as a young boy was rescued from the streets, in order to unravel the mystery.

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    One day, in walked Mrs. Aurora Spillane and my life changed forever.

    Such a large commanding woman Few women have the aura of Aurora. When she enters a crowded room heads turn. Everyone takes notice of her statuesque beauty, that sensual demeanor. She fairly exudes sex. It is like she subconsciously conveys promises of things forbidden and terribly sexual.

    Aurora Spillan used to make my palms sweat. Her deep dark eyes would bring a blush to my cheeks, redden my pale complexion and almost always make me hard.

    Very, very hard.

    That first time that Aunt Martha and I visited Aurora, when we were delivering her purchases, my clothes became drenched from the downpour. I was cold and shivering and they had Hildy dress me like a girl. Aurora took me on her lap, told me that's how she saw me - as a girl...