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The second part of Max Swift's intriguing story of sex and murder.

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    Then later, when I came home from Aurora's still dressed, her and auntie insisted I wear the girl's clothes home. Aunt Martha stopping at the Antique Warehouse and Buster catching me sitting outside in the van, complimenting me on how I was dressed.

    How pretty I looked...

    My aunt stalling, encouraging me to go for a ride with Buster. My dear aunt who had once caught us in a dark aisle of the stockroom wnem Buster was coming on to me.

    Suddenly there I was with Buster, coming back from that alternative lifestyle bar in a nearby city, sitting beside him in his old pickup and playing with himself...

    I shake my head and push Cuddles from my full lap, come back to the present, think of anything or anybody but Buster or Aurora, of Golden Cortey. Or Salvatore Donatello.

    In the bedroom I look at my figure from all angles, see the slim body of a young woman. Who would know what was actually nestled in my panties? I walk closer to the mirror, look critically at my face. With plucked eyebrows, those large eyes and the naturally high cheekbones I do look a little like that movie star.