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New World library cover

It started out as a night in a singles bar. He could not believe his luck. She was absolutely gorgeous, but it was him she wanted and it was him she got!

Her requests to him seemed strange but using every trick in a woman's repertoire she slowly convinced him that the little bits of feminization she wanted him to undergo were nothing and would really make her very happy...

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  • Forced Transformation
  • Female Domination
  • Adult Sexual Situations
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    Even the humiliation and the indignity of the things she asked him to do couldn't stop him wanting to please her as he found himself drawn deeper and deeper intro her feminine web.

    Soon those little things become larger, much larger, and all too soon he found what Madam's real agenda was. She had done this before, lots of time, and he found he had become just another one of Madam's feminized dollies for Madam to play with and abuse at her pleasure!