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Continues a story begun in #57 – Wonderland. The sexy shenanigans with crossdressers and transvestites in the resort town of Wonderland continue.

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    The welcome talk and the "win one for the Gipper" by upper class women really caught Annie's attention. For the moment she lost sight of what she had been and the struggles she and her mother had been through. She was caught up in the mystique of becoming, or at least giving the appearance of having become, a well bred, well trained young lady.

    The strolled the slate walks between the buildings that looked like a set for Masterpiece Theater. A tea was served on the lawn. The academic dean, a handsome woman of forty suggested that Annie would not disappointed were she to order her uniforms now! She was in!

    "Oh my God! Aunt Alice, what will happen if they find that I'm not what I appear to be?"

    "Don't be silly darling. What you are is no secret to dean Cranston and you're not the first t-girl to be reeducated at The Brierly Academy. There may even be others like you here, although the real girls outnumber you by far."