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Arnie is sent to live with his Aunt Alice in the little town of Wonderland. Before he knows it, reacting to his feminine looks, everyone is calling him Annie and he doesn’t mind at all. You see he has had some crossdressing experiences in his life. Alice is out of town when he first gets there, but once she does, his feminization accelerates. This sexy story continues in #77 – Mother’s Little Helper.

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    Arn was more and more comfortable with the new androgynous role that he was falling into. The strappy sandals he wore had a thinker heel than he was used to. It was almost the low heel sort of thing that a junior high school girl might be allowed to wear to her first dance. to compensate for the heel he took shorter steps, placed one foot more in front of the other more than a boy would ordinarily.

    The studio was a large open space with art material at one end an photographic and lighting equipment at the other end. Alice looked at him with some satisfaction. "Pants off," she said softly but in a tone that indicated now and no discussion.