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Ms. Shannon’s excellent story continues.
As the "adjustments" to the boy's lives go deeper and deeper and dresses become the norm for even when not in school, are they going to begin to accept and surrender to this new way of life? And what about boys?

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    "I understand your feelings, but that aside, your penalty for the coming week is as follows. When you return home today and from school each day, you will practice applying your new makeup for an hour. Then, you will change into one of your new dresses, complete with the proper undies, and walk a chalk line in your highest heels for an hour with a book on your head. After dinner, you can practice your makeup application for another hour and walk for another hour in your heels. As to the diet you so vehemently oppose, you will lose the belly bulge that makes your waist cinch necessary. Stand on the scale and let's record your weight."