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Yes, it kind of was an affair or was it? He claims it was an affair to the woman he dreamed of being, but his wife sees through him. So what's his wife's reaction, therapy or revenge? How about revenge therapy? Oh and she is a witch as well.

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    We all know that we shouldn't cheat on our spouses. Putting morality aside, fidelity is an especially good rule to follow when one is married to a woman with supernatural powers.

    Bill finds this out the hard way when Allison discovers his affair with Crystal. Allison is too smart to fall for Bill's lame explanation and decides that a fitting punishment for her wayward husband would be to have to spend some time as an attractive young woman.

    Before long, Bill, now Jill, is discovering how it feels when the (high-heeled) shoe is on the other foot, as the New Girl In Town has to fend off sexual advances from horny men and gets to wear a bridesmaid's dress for the first time. Can a red-blooded father of two adapt to being the pretty one in the tight skirt and push-up bra?