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Nan Crowley is the matriarch of her family. To all outward appearances, she is a loving mother and a doting grandmother to her two young grandsons. But appearances can be deceptive! She always wanted nothing less than girls to raise and teach how to grow into women, but that opportunity never comes, until a grandchild comes to live with her. Now she can take matters into her own hands.

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    "Would mummy love me if she had had a baby girl?"

    "As I told you, deep down she does love you, only she is not showing it."

    James started to cry. "I want my mummy to love me and kiss me, grandma."

    This was it. Nan now had James in her hands. She could now lead him from the path he had strayed onto, to the path to girlhood.

    "There may be a way, James. It is going to take a lot of courage on your part. I don't know even if I should suggest it James."

    "Oh please Grandma. I want my mummy. I want mummy to kiss and hug me again, please, please Grandma."

    Her grandson James was slowly being lured into the trap Nan had laid down for him. Nan Crowley thoughtfully looked at her grandson before answering. 

    "Come over here, James."

    This he did. Then Nan, putting an arm round his shoulder asked, "Would you do anything to be hugged and hissed by your mother? I told you that deep down she does love although she is not showing that affection openly."

    "Oh yes, Grandma."

    "Then, without question, you must do as I tell you. Have you ever worn girl's clothes, James?"