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Myrah Jones has the hottest new talk show on network TV. She�s always featuring interesting stories about interesting people when she gets a brain storm. She wants to take 5 men from all different age groups, dress them up as women and follow them around for 2 weeks as they navigate through life as women. Here are their stories.

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    Emily had now undressed and stood up in her underpants in front of Kelly. Kelly looked her over and said, "You have some hair on your arms and legs we should get rid of. In addition some hair on your chest that's not suitable for a woman. We will take care you of all that tomorrow. I also notice that your tummy needs a little help to become flatter. You've not to o wide over your shoulders so I think you will fit perfectly into a size 10 dress. You can now dress again, but instead of your socks, put these on." She handed him a pair of ankle length nylons.

    Emily did what she'd been told and was about to put her male shoes back on when Kelly told her to stop. "Put these on instead," she said and handed him a pair of black pumps with 2" heels. "You need to start walking in high heels right away. We start with 2" and work you up from there. Maybe you will end up with 5" in the end."