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A series of sexy tales, more or less science fiction (maybe less science than fiction) of men who become women through various means.

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    I swiftly realized that if I did anything to her - anything negative - I presumed that I'd never be a man again, if that were even possible. Wanda just about all but admitted that she did this to me. I then realized that considering what we were doing at the Project, it was at least one of our objectives. 'All-business- Wanda had been busy, indeed.

    While we were all individually self-absorbed in our own projects or other pursuits, Wanda had apparently been looking, listening and learning to way more than her share. Whether she was planning to use what she did to me on someone else or I was a convenient guinea pig, she learned her lessons well. If not every facet about Project Genesis, at least enough to effectively manipulate my DNA to swap my gender. With an extra shot of nymphomania. And from there, where can she take me? Make me a prude? A domme? Fertile up the wazoo to make me a literal baby machine?