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Donald is an arrogant lay about of a man, living in his step-mother�s mansion surrounded by a huge staff of maids and his step sister. Finally, tired of his attitude, they decide to take him in hand and make him into �Someone of Use�.

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    I was very conscious of her strength and the firmness in her eyes as I felt my own grow weak and inviting and my softness melt into her. Yes I was finally admitting my womanliness in front of Doris, but I couldn't do anything else. Found myself smiling seductively as I pouted my lips and turned my face upwards for a kiss. Heard Doris make a half sigh, half laugh as Lena bent me to her will her tongue searching my mouth. When she finally let me go, my legs were so weak that I had to hang onto her for a second. Lena gave a regretful sigh and patted my backside.