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Here�s the story of Jay as he struggles to become Collette full time. It�s about everything from practical issues with bodily changes to her loving relationships. The book includes a very short story called �From Boy to Queen�.

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    "Well I have to admit Jay that you look much different now than when we met at last night's meeting. You make a beautiful woman."

    Jay was flattered and a little embarrassed by the compliment from the doctor. "Thank you, well I like to pass."

    "Yes that I can understand there much be must ridicule for those that look like men in dresses. Society can be so cruel. So now tell me what you want and shy you wanted to come see me?"

    "Well I feel that I am indeed a woman trapped in a man's body. Classic transsexual. I know that I want for the future and that is to become a complete woman and I know that hormone therapy is a great part of that. I am hoping that you can put me on track with that."

    "Most likely in time," continued Jay, "I would plan on getting a complete sex change. I should have been born female. My mind is that of a female. My feelings and emotions also."