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A very unusual story told in an almost humorous first person by Gae Mann about his very unusual family. Perhaps it�s his name! At any rate it documents his life with his mother and transgender father from infancy to a quite debauched adulthood. Includes a second story � Transformation: J.A.S.O.N.D.

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    Oh, by the way, I'm sure that you might think that this is going to be your everyday average transgender/crossdressing story, considering what I've told you about myself. But I've already told you of some not so run of the mill things that add a different flavor to my tale. Another thing is, while not encouraged, pornography was not forbidden in my home. Both Nan and Shar have their little collection. Shar has a collection of magazines that depicted nude men - for the male gay crowd - and even appreciating the unadorned female for some men's magazines. Given her ultimate occupation, some of Nan's contained transgender fiction. Wen they deemed me mature enough, nothing was hidden from me. Notably Nan's latter TG cache I mentioned. I read many of those tales that had the main character, let's say ideally malleable for the fable. Ergo, you're ready to read yet another like yarn. You already think I'm perfect as the main character.

    Well, fear not. Let's see if I can entertain you, as I draw mine from the real world. They say truth is stranger than fiction and it's been proven more than once.