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An unusual story about an unusual couple. Dana and Christine Tripp seem to be a conventional couple, but they are not, quite. As their marriage progresses they slowly and unconsciously discover that they both have the wrong roles, both in their marriage and in society. Changes are afoot.

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    The more he noticed, he began to feel inwardly slightly intimidated. He was not afraid for her, yet he was almost in awe of her. Chris's day-to-day demeanor had not changed, but he began to feel somewhat submissive to her. Dana was not dominated, but automatically he self-sublimated himself to this new Chris. He gradually comforted himself, not being an envious or competitive man, to be her counterpart; a true complement. Plainly put, without precisely stating so to himself, Dana felt comfortable in being unwittingly feminine to his wife's masculinity. But this internal subliminal balance of nature would not stay inside very much longer.