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Reluctant Press Book Cover
Lord Featherstone, a youth of eighteen, is orphaned when his parents die in an accident. Their vast fortune won't be his until he turns twenty-five and until then the lawyer has assigned a governess to watch over him. This woman decides that the somewhat wild youth should be taught decorum using petticoat punishment, but then his uncle decides that with a little pushing the lad could become a maid and never be able to inherit.
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    Maude checked every inch of his body for unwanted hair, and saw that his breasts had enlarged to an A or AA cup. But she was well prepared for this event, and indicated other boxes to be opened. Therein were all the underclothing a girl would need and covet, knickers, slips, both half and full, camisoles, nylon stockings and pantyhose, garter belts an an assortment of bras in various colors an sizes from A to B cup. In other boxes were shoes of many colors, a few pairs of flats, but the rest with a minimum heel height of two inches, and some three and four. There was one more huge box given to Grace to open, with several unopened ones held in reserve for later use and stored. In this last box were several maid's uniforms colored black and gray, complete with aprons and caps. The woman at the dressmaker's shop once again did meritorious service in quickly creating all these lovely dresses.

    "Get dressed in your new clothes and come down to the kitchen. I suggest you wear the afternoon gray twill uniform, as there is work to be done. In the mornings you will wear the nylon uniforms with a crisp new coloured one for each new day. The black cotton uniforms will be reserved for evenings, while the black taffeta will be for more important occassions. Apply your makeup, and wear these shoes. Then put the apron and cap on." She handed him the back leather pumps with two inch heels.

    Once again he was in a quandary. What was she doing now. A maid's dress! Was he now to become the maid in his own home to replace the others?