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The final installment of male feminization in the sexy Macumba series.

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    This is surreal. It's Saturday night, the final show. The showroom is packed, the beer and booze is flowing and it's so damn quiet it's unreal. My legs are not so shaky now. This is my fourth set. I did the closing show Friday night. Adrena said it would be like a practice.

    When I got up there late Friday night, I'd thought I'd pee in my panties. I was that scared. I don't know how I got through the number, a slow Stevie Nicks ballad. I wore a long form-fitting ankle length gown that was split in front, my feet tucked into three inch heels. I wore the heels all afternoon Friday, Ricky giving me tips on how to walk; take smaller steps, don't mince but get used to putting one foot directly in front of the other. That's how the runway models do it. If course I wore sheer pantyhose to accent my legs which Rene claims is my best feature.