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Don likes to wear women’s clothes in the privacy of his room in his shared apartment, but his girlfriend, all too chatty when drunk, one night reveals it to the world. It isn't long before his roommates kick him out and he loses his job. Down on his luck, a mysterious woman walks up to him one afternoon and makes him an amazing offer. She and her three roommates want to employ a crossdresser as their housekeeper!

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    I was mortified! What made it worse was the fact that the girls weren't being mean or scornful. Nothing like that. They were genuinely trying to help me turn myself into a female - in looks and dress anyway. They figured that was what I really wanted. But what they couldn't see was that I had serious difficulty with this. It wasn't that the idea of dressing didn't appeal to me - it did. But in FRONT of them? Oh grief! I started to stammer. 

    "Girls? Please? I don't..."

    "Just HUSH!" Reen said firmly. "We can see that this whole thing is embarrassing for you, so just take these few things with our blessing. Take your own time about feeling comfortable. So no more thanks are necessary. Right Ann?"

    "Absolutely!" Ann said. "Just settle in - and be happy here. That's all the thanks we need!"

    How could I possibly say no? Blushing I watched Ann hung my new clothes up in the closet while Reen deposited the cosmetics in my bathroom. Highly pleased with themselves with their good deeds, they came back and finally wished me goodnight.