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Hilltown, not far from San Francisco, looks like a normal little California berg, but looks can be deceiving. Most of its population aren�t what you might call normal. One of their traditions involves kids dressing as the opposite sex for a party and this stretches on into several weeks. Here is the story of some of its residents.

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    They arrived at the shop just as it opened on a Saturday morning. BEa took her son straight to the young girl department and started to look around. She soon found something she liked and that might look good on Larry. She took the garments and dragged Larry into a fitting room to try them on. They were all a perfect fit. When Larry was asked to give a comment , he just mumbled something unintelligible.

    Bea decided to buy them all. "This will be a good start on your feminine wardrobe," she said to Larry.

    "I doubt that I will use them more than these four weeks," came the reply.

    "We'll see. But this is not enough. We also need some lingerie and some shoes. Please come with me."

    "No please! Don't let me wear girls' underwear. Wearing a dress is embarrassing enough."

    "Nonsense. You must look the part from t inside out. That includes lingerie. And we must do something about your hair. You have two options. One is to buy a wig, the other is that we take advantage of your relatively long hair and give you a hair-do fit for a girl your age. What do you think?"