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Karol, now Carol Ann, continues to be transformed and pushed into the role of a glamorous young woman and beauty pageant contestant in this, part 3 of our story.

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    Then the sale manager, Sally by name, thought for a moment and asked,"Is your son a sissy boy... I mean does he enjoy dressing up as a girl and pretending to be a girl? I mean is this fun for him?"

    Mom told her, "Oh no! I don't think he likes it at all... well perhaps a little. But I don't think he expected to find himself a full time girl or that he wants to be a full time girl. But he knows that he has to do it and will do it and that he had better learn his part for the pageant. The deal is he may have to stay dressed as a girl until he has leaned his lesson or until he wins the local pageant. So he knows that it is best for him to be as girlish as possible so his girlfriend will forgive him or me may be in dresses for a long time."