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Strange inexplicable things happen when a gate to another Earth is found. Women become men, men become women - but with male parts. Anything can happen when worlds collide. This is not your father's transgender story.

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    "I've been there, on that other Earth."

    "Oh my. What's it like?"

    "You'll see." responded Eric as he checked his watch again, "in about eight minutes. That is if you're will to risk having the adventure of a lifetime."

    "Really?" the stunned man looked both expectant and worried. "Is it safe?"

    "Safe? I've been across more times than I can count, Mr. Morgan, but safe? I mean we're talking about travel that literally can't be measured by any scale previously known.' He took Cass by the elbow and looked him in the eye," And I've told no one else."

    Cass looked even more concerned now. "Why not? I mean why haven't you told the authorities? This must be one of the greatest discoveries in human history. A gate into another world."

    "Becasue a mass of curious aliens pouring into that world would destroy it utterly. Listen Cass, never has there been such an opportunity." He rolled his eyes as if to say the opportunity was beyond measure.

    "and you thought of me?"

    "Yes I knew you could keep this secret. You can, can't you, Cass? No one on this side must know - ever.""