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Three stories...

In Art Thou in Love, Stephanie? - Eric meets the woman of his dreams. So what if she used to be a man, she's everything he ever wanted.

In Jennifer's Story - Gerry has always wanted to be a girl. Is it possible for him/her to find love with a man?

In A Need to Know, a Need to Love - not only does our hero fall in love with a transsexual woman, but his Dad announces that he too feels like a woman inside.

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    "How did you two meet?" Cathy asked.

    "It was just three months ago. Eirc was asked to be the judge of a sexul legs contest for crossdressere. I arrived just after he did, and I fell in love with him from first sight. The next thing I knew, we were getting to know each other. At the time he was living with his sister, Elizabeth. He know that he was in love with me, and within twenty-four hours of first laying eyes on each other, we made love. Elizabeth was a bit skeptical of our relationship at first, but she is no longer. She's been very supportive of us, and so has their big sister, Hayley. His family is still rather doubful about our relationship , but his parents are coming in next month for a visit," she explained.