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Christopher awakens each morning haunted by dreams of a feminine version of himself. He dreams of lying on his back, experiencing the joy of sex with a man.

He finds his feminine sexual dreams disturbing but arousing. Then his sister his sister and mother find out about his secret fantasies and decide to help Christopher find the Chrissie within himself.

Mom and Sis and his girlfriend will help Chris become "delicate and feminine".

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    "You heard Mom say that she wants you looking as beautiful as I can make you by the time she gets home, right?"

    "Yeah I heard her say that."

    "Good. the first thing that I have to do is pluck your eyebrows. It's going to hurt some, but i doubt it'll be as painful as those shoes are, and the pain is short lived too. A few seconds after it's done and you won't feel it anymore."

    I knew that some girls still plucked their eyebrows. I saw girls in school like that. they were the prettier girls too. "Okay Connie, do it then," I told her.

    "I'm curious Chris," she told me as she positioned herself to begin plucking. "Why aren't you fighting this even a little bit?"

    "Put yourself in my place Connie. A sixteen, almost seventeen year old boy, forced to dress as a girl for the next two months. Forced to go out into public places like this. Would you prefer to look like a boy and possibly recognized by people who know you, or would you prefer to look like a girl so no one could recognize you?"