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Four New Woman stories...

Finders Weepers - a strange pill feminizes a boy against his will.

Femininity Bound - An aunt sends her nephew off to a special school to change his gender.

The Gift of Life - a terrible car accident and the resulting operations have drastic effect on a young man.

Room 37 - stay out of that hotel room, unless...

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    In sheer desperation, I had threatened Aunt Beryl, told her that I would report her to the authorities for what she was trying to do to me. She just laughed in my face, told me to go ahead, they would be lieve what their eyes told them, that I was a little sissy, already more girl than boy. Besides, even if they did believe me, all they could do is take me into care, I couldn't go into care. Even Pemberton High School for Girls was preferable to that.