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This is Ingrid’s story. Tall, blonde and imposing, she knew what she wanted in a partner from early on. To put it bluntly, she wanted a sissy. Not just one that she picked off the streets however. The sissy had to be created and trained by her!

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    I felt spasms of delight watching him as, dominated, he was taught how to put rollers in his hair, though he ended up with only three, one at the back and sides. Subdued now, he didn't protest when she applied the lotion from a squeeze bottle to the hair in the rollers. He did flinch a little as she wrapped his hair in a chiffon scarf, before putting the hood of a portable dryer over his head, and turning it on.

    He started licking his lips nervously when she brought out her manicuring tools. "I didn't know I needed a manicure," he said.