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Tracy will do almost anything to please his mother and his girlfriend Tammy, but some requests are much more difficult than others. You never know how you'll react to the changes that ensue, and what new feelings those changes might awaken. Tracy thought his life was just normal and boring but then it took a radical turn and now he... or, perhaps she, is hopeless.

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    "I think I would like to grow a beard someday."

    "I don't care about later. For now I don't want you to wear one and shaving will only make it worse. Electrolysis can control it better. Aso Tracy, I would like you to let your hair grow out a bit more. It's too neat and perfectly masculine as short as it is now."

    "You want me to look more like a girl?"

    "No. I want you to look less attractive to other girls. I know the real you and I'm in love with the real you so it won't make any difference to me. But it will to other girls. Please?"

    Mom agreed too. My male pride had already gone the way of the dodo bird. The pride I took in my outward appearance had to go now too. But I still loved Tammy and I understood the circumstances that prompted her to ask these things of me now. I had to do as she requested.