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Robin is forced to become an obedient crossdressing husband who, despite his resistance, finds himself turned on by lingerie, being forced to crossdress and being forced to at femininely as he is forced to learn all the female skills needed by a feminized male. Despite trying to resist these pleasures, the compulsions and false memories implanted in him under drugs and hypnosis are too strong and too pleasurable to resist.

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    The wife turned to me and smiling strangely asked, "Is that what you really are honey... a gurl? Well I guess we will find out. For today is your lingerie day. We will make that dream come true for you. I am going to get you a full set of female lingerie to wear under your trousers and shirt and let's see if that does turn you on as mych as wearing my painties seems to turn you on."

    I tried to say something but the wife put her hand over my mouth in a dominating fashion and told me, "Not a word dear, unless you want to admit to your fetish and help with the selection or want the divorce papers right now."