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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover

The story of Robin's feminization continues as he is made to wear lingerie all the time and wear dresses and makeup most of the time. His feminization and humiliations only get worse from there.

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    ...And I told her that I was getting out of the lingerie and dress and finding some men's clothes to ear and something manly to do. I told her that playing at being a girl was or would make me nuts!

    Well that wasn't happening. My sister told me, "Not a chance dear. You do have my sympathies, but for better or worse you are stuck in dresses and lingerie and learning to be feminine and learning to keep house. That is if you want your inheritance." And she explained to me that I was still married and therefore still able to get my inheritance regardless of what I was having to go through to stay married until I was old enough; and my sister told me that if she hadn't come up with what she now referred to as a so called [loy that I would have lost my wife and then my inheritance.

    Then she told me she didn't want Auntie to keep control of the money. If I did not directly inherit it then Auntie would maintain control over it. And sis was telling me I would not want that, as then my Aunt would have control over me.

    That thought was frightening enough. Then she knocked me for a loop and told me, "And what makes you think it is a ploy. What makes you think you weren't a panty boy and that you suppressed your time as mommy's little crossdressed sissy?"