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This is the 3/4 magazine size of this beautiful presentation from Patricia Michelle. It's 80 pages of two sissy maid training stories with 30 illustrations, 7 of which are in full color. Patricia Michelle is has written some of your favorite stories, including Poor Little Priscilla Ann, Sissy in Kilts & Petticoats, How I Became My Wife's Pony, and her recent best seller, Feminized Maids!

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    "Is this one of our Pansies?" the first girl excitedly asked.

    "Yes this is one of yours. It's name is Pansy Buffie. this is it's owner, Lewes Taylor," I said then to Lewes added, "This is Stacy, just twenty, and Penny, just nineteen. This is their first summer as cabin assistants. Curtsey, say 'Hello' and kiss their feet."

    It was even more satisfying watching him kiss the feet of a twenty and nineteen year old girl.

    "Would you girls take him on his leash and lead him over to Doctor Browner's clinic for his physical?" I asked.

    "Oh yes, what fun. It is leash trained?" Stacy asked.

    "I'm sure he is. He's to walk in front of you keeping his leash taut at all times. If it slackens even a little use your crop twice on the backs of his legs and say, 'Bad Pansy, Bad Pansy.' Jerk once to get him to walk, two to get him to stop. Tug left or right. Tug down and he'll kneel, tug again and he'll get on all fours," I instructed.