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Four exquisite sissy stories from Patricia Michelle. The Margate Academy, the Home Schooled Sissy, the Barbie Doll Transformation, and Sissie's New Teacher. (3/4 magazine sized full color book with over 20 beautiful color illustrations. (96 Pages)
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    Chapter 7 What Makes Margate Different

    "Now what you need to know is that our goals here are quite different from other schools. In a sense this is the last resort to turn around hard core problem boys that are totally out of control, like your stepbrother. Trust me, when they eventually graduate, they are very much changed. We will have removed all the traditional characteristics you find in today's male. No inflated egos, or feelings of superiority, no hint of an aggressive personality. they wil have become quite docile and submissive, very obedient, never daring to question anything they're told, or told to do. In effect they make a perfect house husband for a woman fed up with today's macho man," she stated.