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Reluctant Press Book Cover

The contract says he cosigned the debt of his old girlfriend, but at the time he didn't realize it's a debt to the mob. For him it's either pay off or die and they have just the idea on how to work it off, as a somen in one of their brothels. His story is one of self discovery as well as finding love in the most unlikely places.

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    "Look, you have to do things. It's what we're paid for. It's easy really, you'll find they treat you like you look. They want other things too, not just sex. They want you to be their girl, like you enter into a conspiracy with the client to play the part they want you to play. Some will just want to see you here. Others will take you out, some girls have even been taken on holiday."

    "I could never..." Shirley felt shocked at the enormity of what he was expected to do.

    "You can't say never," Lisa took his hand gently. "Remember the alternatives are limited. Just go with it, whatever they want you to do. Enjoy it a little, you can make them do the things you want sometimes as well. Most of our clients are quite reasonable when you get used to them. They just have certain tastes. It's up to you to give them what they want, and it's not just about what you do in bed."

    "You mean I have to be a girl... as if I really was a girl?"

    "Yes, it's like being in a film. You play a part. It may not be you, but it's a part and if you're good, you'll get a better part."