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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Life was hard for Stephen when his mom and dad divorced. He was the unappreciated man of the house. Then his mom took seriously ill and Stephan found out that in order to save her live, he had to become his non-existent sister, Stephanie. As a result he begins to see his true bender. His girlfriend, Veronica, agrees to help, and discovers her inner lesbian as a result.

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    "You mean she knows she is going to die?

    "Yes she does and she has accepted it. Now, with her condition and all, I do not think she will ever accept that she has a son rather than a daughter, her belief is far too well ingrained. I think the kindest and only way is to allow her to carry on believing that she has a daughter for a few weeks that she has remaining... can you do it? Would you be prepared to make that sacrifice, allow your mother a few months of happiness? I know how much I am asking but with our help, and that of your lady friend here... if she is willing, you can do it, it's not as if we are asking a long time here."

    Stephen was too stunned to respond immediately, his tortured mind was in turmoil. Veronica gripped his arm. "Of course I will help him doctor. I will do all that I can."

    "I... I didn't know, she had so little time, nobody told me."


    "If you are prepared to spend the next two months as Stephanie while you are indoors, then I may have an idea. Come into my office and I will tell you."