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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Tommy and Judy are on their honeymoon at last. Judy wants to know all of Tommy's deep dark secrets. His secret? He wonders what it would be like to dress as a woman. Perhaps sharing this with her isn't such a great idea as he spirals into a very different life.

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    Even at work, I couldn't escape her program. Every time I went to the urinal, I had to grab the elasticized leg band of my panties to pull aside the shimmering front panel so that I could free my self. I was always apprehensive when someone was using the urinal next to me that they would catch a glimpse of the feminine color or pattern of my brightly-colored undies. At the same time, I was also quite excited by the thought that my feminine garb was so near to sight, so close to being made public.

    When I walked around the office, I relished the feeling of my satin panties sliding coolly between my and the wool-blend fabric of my slacks. In fact, I relished the feelings so much that I had to remind myself constantly not to move in a girlish mode. I certainly couldn't let myself swish my little tush around or gesture inappropriately with my hands.In spite of my constant reminders, it was a challenge for me to avoid slipping into girlishness. Especially when I spend so much time doing it when I'm at home... and with such encouragement from Judy.