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Deciding to spice up your marriage sounds like a good idea, but it can be a dangerous one. It's especially dangerous if the wife thinks that the way to do it is to have her husband become feminine. He just might like it...

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    Sue took Diane aside to thank her for the help in infecting anew brand of excitement into the Atwood marriage. Diane admitted that it had really been a pleasure, but she would like to add at least two conditions to the deal.

    First they should both always be available to assist other if future male refusals arose.

    Second, they should both agree to assist and advise at least two lady friends as the strobe to feminize their marriage partners. With a lot of work and a little luck, maybe their whole city would become a Ladies Only City.

    The ride home with Sammy driving was a chance for Diane to unwind and recover from a very rigorous evening. It was also a time to muster some strength and stamina for any action which might occur in their bedroom.

    Diane of course was iles ahead of her i Project Feminine Hubby, working out plans to continue their present progress Soon, very soon, she hoped to dispose of Sam's collection of male attire permanently and make him live as Sammy on a 24/7 basis.