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Bodice Ripper: Things change in every marriage, but one thing has led to another. First a friend of Dennis's wife, Dorothy, moves in and then Dorothy becomes a wildly successful historical romance writer - also known as bodice rippers. Now he's surrounded by strong successful females and they have ideas on how to make him a more useful person.

Bouncing and Flouncing: A couple is rescued hiking in a snowstorm. The woman who has rescued them has an agenda, and it doesn't include anyone looking manly!

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    Blushing furiously now, I had put her clothes into the areas she'd indicated. while she stood by and watched. I won't say that she gloated - but there was a decided air of satisfaction as she dismissed me, saying that she was very pleased with me.

    I didn't care, I was still the only man in the house, but doing a few of the tasks that rightly belong to the maid, diminishes one. Though in all honesty, both Hortense and Emily seemed friendlier toward me. There never had been a great deal of respect offered me, and that definitely diminished, but that was about the only change that I could put my finger on. Dorothy seemed totally unaware of what was going on - but naturally eventually that changed.

    Plus a second bonus story Bouncing and Flouncing.