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Maryann was a name given to men who dressed in women's clothes in Victorian Times. This is the story of 3 such - Fanny, Stella and Helen and their efforts to rise above their life in the brothel of Mrs. Myra Bates. (Fanny and Stella were actually historical characters. The truth, other than the very rough outline of society and its general mores is generally reflected here.) Here's the link where you can learn a little about their lives - Fanny and Stella.

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    After the first few weeks Fanny knew the routine; nights and weekends were always the busiest. At these times the place where the business started was the drawing room. After dinner the girls assembled there and sat on chaise lounges of which there were many. Gentlemen would come in, look around, and eventually pick some Maryann. Then off they would go to her boudoir. As said before, the money was all handled by Myra Bates.

    There was never any hurry, men could take their time; it was rare that Myra Bates put in an appearance. She let her girls get on with their business. The fist time Fanny sat in the drawing room she had plenty of men staring at her, mainly because she was new and many had not seen her before.

    Then one man touched her shoulder. "You're a pretty thing, what's your name?"

    "Fanny," she said, blushing and fluttering her eyelashes.

    "Fanny, you must take me to your bedroom."

    "Yes Sir," she said and was taken by her arm as she rose and made her way to the winding marble staircase. It was not as if Fanny had never been with a man before, but somehow she felt excited. This was all different.