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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Sam Waters was not at all prepared for the big city. After a string of bad occurrences, he ends up in the hospital. A matron comes by and realizes he looks like a double of her dead daughter Cassandra. Of course she offers him very personalized care in her own home. No reason he shouldn't accept is there?

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    Mabel and Dotte found him half on and half off the bed, his arms stretched over his head grasping at the hot pink sheets while his cast covered leg was stretched out across the floor.

    He was crying for all he was worth and presented a very sorry picture indeed with his nightie pulled up over his shaven groin and bunched around his slender waist.

    Mabel and Dottie looked first at the sprawling youth them at each other. Wordlessly, they both noted how far their ward had come in recapturing what once had been Cassandra. Same' hair was long and raven black hanging just past his shoulders framing a pale peaches and cream delicate face. A face filled with two wide expressive violet blue eyes that now reflected only misery, but promised so much more.

    The body was slim, much much slimmer than when it had first arrived with skin as smooth and soft as velvet. Only the groin indicated the true sex of the person sprawled out across the bed and even that was somehow not quite natural. the penis was short and shriveled more like a child's than a man's and the scrotal sack was taut across two very small round objects. It was much to small and spherical to be natural.