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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover

This very sexy female domination and forced transformation story comes to its conclusion in Part 3. Find out what happens to Peter/Christine in this unusual and exciting story from one of our best authors

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    "So you tried to get Christine to back off?" said Marisa.

    "But I didn't scare her," wailed Shirley. "She loves it all, all the dresses and showing off her legs in tights and stockings. She sleeps in nighties as well, I know. Jeff talks about her all the time as if she's really his girlfriend."

    "She is," said Marissa.

    There was pain in the other woman's face. "So, now I wait it out," said Shirley. "If I can get Jeff to see her for what she really is. She's never going to be a woman after all. But with Jeff, I daren't criticize. He's so obstinate. He does anything to frustrate me, the opposite of what I want him to do."

    "Oh why does Christine have to be so pretty?" Shirley cried out the last words. "You had trouble admitting it. "She was like a daughter to us when she stayed with us. You don't think that she and Jeff, well, I wouldn't mind if she was a real girl. But Jeff making love to another boy? I sent Martin to monitor her bedroom, you know, when she was with us. I was so aftraid Jeff would be with her at night but Marty says he didn't anything wrong going on."