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Our story about Peter, the boy who has agreed to dress and act the part of a girl in order to complete a pairs team in competitive skating, continues. Now known to all as Christine, he has become the perfect female skating partner for Jeff. He has also become just perfectly female as the coach, Marissa, has plotted to create all along. She is quite happy taking sexual advantage of the young person, but Christine is also so perfect that the boys have begun to 'sniff' around her.

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    The worst thing of all had been my breasts. I'd re-examined myself in the bathroom that night and again the following morning. It was quite clear that I had little mounds behind my nipple, real and fleshy.

    When I squeezed myself just lightly, the cleavage that I thought came from taping instantly appeared. I had a bra that pushed on me from the sides. When I put it on, I almost threw up as I looked at myself and all I saw in my mirror was a pretty, blonde girl, her hair in sleeping pigtails, her breasts jiggling a little in front of her.