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This is the beginning of an exciting story by one of our best writers.

In the world of competitive figure skating, some skaters are the right build and skill to compete as soloists and some will be better as part of a pair. A coach needs a great female skater to pair with Jeff, whose parents have money, and doesn't know who that might be until she gets a brilliant idea. Peter is a great skater, but might have to give it up due to finances, but if Peter were only a woman...

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    "You'll have to take off your underpants," Marisa said as she leant towards the mirror, spraying herself. I got a strong whiff of her perfume or cologne. "We don't want any strange seams showing do we?" she asked. "I talked to a really helpful female impersonator down at the Fortune. She said that the guys there wore these things to keep their male parts out of sight."

    She had a package for my trembling hands. "Marisa," I croaked in complaint, my mouth so dry as she opened the parcel for me. The device was similar to a g-string, like a small bikini. I began to flush and persspire as she said to put it on, along with what were obviously girl's white panties. Where had they come from, I wondered, as they lay there in front of the second mirror.

    "I'm not," I started, but Marisa shushed me.

    "I've heard quite enough, Peter," Marisa snapped at me. "You can't expect to earn the amount of money Dr. Hubbard has deposited for you with me, without playing your part. You have to make it look as if you're making an effort. Then, when Jeff says you won't do, well, you'll get the money and nothing more will be said, right"?