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A Solutions Ltd. novel... that mysterious organization that helps boys be girls, whether they want to or not, is back. What surprises are in store for our hapelss heroes this time?

Harriet explained why he was in skirts and she expressed the wish that he take to them without fighting as that would only prolong his ordeal. Strangely enough, once he was completely dressed and make-up applied to his face, he quieted down and became quite docile.

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    The next morning, each boy got his first lesson in being a girl by learning how to get dressed for the day, helped along by having to dress their mentors before being allowed to follow suit. There were many humiliating blushes before each was tightly corseted, silky lisle stockings tautly gartered to the corset, then bloomered, into a suitable dress and high heel button boots before learning how to brush a girl's hair, repair nail enamel and apply make-up for their public appearance.

    In the days to follow, each boy became an expert in the art of looking and acting like a girl, their speech losing its roughness, their actions becoming entirely girlish and even when they had to go to school as girls, they were chaperoned by Dorothea and shielded from the worst harassment.

    To their amazement, several boys approached them for Saturday dates, all of which Mrs. Slocum vetoed without comment, to each one's relief!